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Growth stop

19/05/2010 12:00
The brain of a normal adult human only grows in the first 18 years of its life.


19/05/2010 12:00
A child has a 25% greater ability to learn if it experiences a stimulating environment, whereas an environment with little stimulation will result in the child losing 25% of its capability to learn.

Read Aloud

19/05/2010 12:00
It has been proven that reading alound and talking to a child advances brain development.


19/05/2010 12:00
Emotions such as happiness, fear, joy and shyness are already developed in a newborn baby, but the way the child is brought up and the specific nurturing it receives shapes the further development of these emotions.  

First Sense

19/05/2010 12:00
The first sense to develop, even before birth, is touch. Lips and cheeks can experience touch as early as the 8th week, whereas the rest of the body is capable of feeling after 12 weeks.

Bilingual Brains

19/05/2010 12:00
Children who learn two languages at an early age (before 5 years) have an altered brain structure and develop much denser gray matter as adults.

Child Abuse

19/05/2010 00:00
Child abuse can severely inhibit brain development.


12/05/2010 12:00
During early pregnancy, neurons develop as fast as 250,000 neurons per minute.
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